Chamber music in particular brings together a small group of musicians and teaches them the principles of a balanced, civilized, and creative collaboration. They learn to listen to each other, assist and accommodate each other, and adjust to unpredictable circumstances. Chamber music and collaborative playing sharpens the aesthetic perception of sound, musical composition, the sense of rhythm, and musical expression.  I am always excited to teach young pianists the Art of Collaboration. 

I am eager to share my skills and experience, coach them and their ensembles in some of   the most magnificent repertoire which already spans six centuries and is still going strong!!

  • One-on-One Private Instruction
  • Off-bench lesson time and use of specialized apps for teaching music theory, aural skills, improvisation.
  • Artist development and Community engagement events, including Studio and Performance Classes, Recitals, Festivals, Competitions, Auditions, Texas Theory Exam, Royal Conservatory-Music Development Program and more.  
  • Collaborative Arts Program:  Chamber Music and Vocal Coaching 
  • Additional Skype/ Face time Sessions

It could be that music is one of the most effective tools to a child’s bright future. It can become a valuable companion, a creative outlet, or even a lifelong passion and shelter in times of trouble and uncertainty.

Private lessons are designed for students who are looking for a customized lesson plan, tailored to their individual needs, goals and artistic interests.  In addition to working at the piano private sessions include off- bench lesson time  focused on  developing and improving the student's  aptitude and knowledge of musical concepts, aural, music theory and music literacy skills through practice drills, tutorials, listening activities, worksheets and games.

Students have plenty of opportunity to participate in a variety of events throughout the year, including recitals, performance festivals competitions, auditions, Texas Theory Exam, Royal Conservatory-Music Development Program and more.  

One of the most rewarding and creative roles of the pianist is as musical partner with other instrumentalists or vocalists. Whether performing an orchestra reduction of a violin concerto, tackling an operatic score arrangement or providing the live “sound track” to a sung poem in Art Song, or performing in a chamber music ensemble, the pianist’s job is multifaceted, diverse and exciting!